The Conference Venue

The conference will be held in the Educatorium Building on the Uithof Campus of Utrecht University. The address is as follows:

Educatorium Building
Leuvenlaan 19
3584 CE Utrecht

B - Bus stop Heidelberglaan, E - Educatorium, P - A few Parking lot entrances.
Note that the Heidelberglaan and Padualaan are restricted to buses, taxis and ambulances only - no regular cars allowed!!

General Route description

Public Transport

From the bus stop Heidelberglaan (includes city buses 11, 12 and 12s with destination "Uithof WKZ" or "Uithof AZU"), enter the Willem C van Unnik Building, located at Heidelberglaan 2, which is the tallest building of the Uithof Campus. From the entrance of the Willem van Unnik Building, keep straight on, past the first reception, until you will find yourself in the Educatorium Building. At the corner of the Educatorium Building, an information desk will be installed.

By Car

Entrance is possible via the Willem C van Unnik Building or the Leuvenplein if you have parked your car in the parking garage next to the library. If you park your car on the parking lots along the Leuvenlaan, you can just use the revolving doors at the main entrance of the Educatorium. Alternatively, you can use the entrance of the Marinus Ruppert Building at the Leuvenlaan itself and enter the building (keep right inside the building for the information desk).

View as seen from the west side, coming by the city bus from Utrecht Central Station. The tall building to the left is the Van Unnik Building. The bus stop Heidelberglaan is behind the bridge connecting the Van Unnikgebouw and the Library.

Click here for more information on detailed transportation and directions towards the venue.

Facilities around the venue

At the Uithof Campus, some standard facilities are available: