Transportation to and in Utrecht

As Utrecht is the main hub for both car and railway transport, navigating towards the city is no problem. However, congestion is quite in common, and so we advice you to come by public transport. The address is as follows:

Educatorium Building
Leuvenlaan 19
3584 CE Utrecht

Going by public transport

By train first

Almost all trains are calling at Utrecht Centraal, the city's main railway station. From Schiphol Airport, every 15 minutes an intercity service will run towards Utrecht Centraal (with final destination Nijmegen or Eindhoven-Heerlen, platforms 1 or 2), with a journey time of approximately 30 minutes. From Utrecht Centraal, all major cities in the Netherlands can be directly reached: a trip to Amsterdam Centraal is just 27 minutes away, wheras Arnhem, The Hague and Rotterdam are 36-38 minutes away.

At Schiphol Plaza, Train tickets can be bought from the yellow ticket machines or at the ticket office boxes. A single, full-fare, one-way, second class ticket costs €8.10 (as of January 1st, 2013). At the moment (March 2013) only the ticket machines at Schiphol Airport and at Amsterdam Central station accepts credit cards. At other railway stations, one has to go to the ticket office boxes if your debit card is not accepted, or make sure you have enough coins with you (as most cash operated machines only accepts coins and the machines do not accept bank notes). To the bottom of the screen, you can switch language and opt for either a paper ticket with fixed destination, or a pre-paid ov-chipkaart (see below for more information), which you need to top up, and touch on/off (check in/out) as you go. For paper tickets, tap you don't have a OV-Chipcard, then select type of ticket (Single, return or other), then tap your destination, discounts (if possible, otherwise full fare), select 1st of 2nd class and payment method.

For more information, including planning your train journey, please consult the website of the Dutch Railways (, opens in new window). If you have mobile internet, you can check

For your convenience, we have listed some of the most used connections below.

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Continuing in the City of Utrecht

From Utrecht Central Station, the Uithof campus can be easily reached by bus. Every two or three minutes, bus 11, 12 or 12s departs to the Uithof. Bus 11 (destination Uithof-WKZ) departs from the northern tip of the southern platform ("busstation zuid"), and bus 12(s) (destination Uithof-UMC/AZU) departs from the southern tip of the northern platform ("busstation noord"). Do note these buses can be very crowded during the peak hours. The nearest bus stop to the venue is the bus stop Heidelberglaan. All buses are equipped with dynamic route information.

The buses for the lines 11, 12 and 12s are about 25-30 metres long, and therefore easily recognizable. You can board the bus from any of the four doors, unlike all other city buses, where you have to board the bus at the bus drivers' door.

Photo courtesy of Tim Swart

As of November 2011, the "Strippenkaart"-system has been abolished. One can only travel by a smartcard called the "OV-Chipkaart" (lit: public transport smartcard) and is similar to the Oyster card in London for example. Touch on as you board the bus and touch off when you disembark. You can still buy a ticket at the driver. More information about this can be found here (opens in a new window). It is not known yet whether an agreement will be made with GVU (the city's bus transport operator) regarding special travel passes.

Planning your trip by public transport can be done easily via the 9292ov-website (click here, opens in new window). The address of the venue is listed on the top of this page.

Going by car

There are various routes to University campus De Uithof, depending on the direction you drive from. De Uithof is easily accessible by car and there are plenty of parking facilities.

From Amsterdam (and Schiphol Airport):
Take the A2 motorway to Utrecht (from Schiphol, first use the A9 motorway to Amstelveen and Utrecht). Approaching the city, take the Utrecht Noord exit onto the N230.
Follow the N230 and take the A27 exit.
On the A27 motorway, follow the 'De Uithof' sign at the 'Rijnsweerd' interchange; this takes you onto the A28 motorway.
On the A28, take the first exit marked ‘De Uithof’.

From The Hague / Rotterdam or Arnhem (Germany):
Take the A12 motorway to Utrecht. On the A12, take the ‘Amersfoort’ exit onto the A27 motorway at the ‘Lunetten’ interchange.
On the A27, follow the ‘De Uithof’ sign at the ‘Rijnsweerd’ interchange.
On the A28, take the first exit to ‘De Uithof’.

From Hilversum or Breda:
Take the A27 motorway to Utrecht. On the A27, take the ‘De Uithof’ exit onto the A28 at the ‘Rijnsweerd’ interchange.
On the A28, take the first exit to ‘De Uithof’.

From Amersfoort and Zwolle:
Take the A28 motorway to Utrecht. On the A28, take the ‘De Uithof’ exit (after the Zeist / Den Dolder exit).

From Den Bosch and Eindhoven:
Take the A2 motorway to Utrecht. On the A2, take the ‘Amersfoort’ exit to the A27 at the ‘Oudenrijn’ interchange.
On the A27, take the ‘Amersfoort’ exit to the A28 at the ‘Lunetten’ interchange.
On the A28, take the first exit to ‘De Uithof’.

You will enter De Uithof from the north via the ‘Universiteitsweg’ (University Road). On the campus, the various buildings are clearly sign-posted. Parking places can be found all over the campus.

Do note that the city centre of Utrecht itself is quite unsuitable to cars, resulting in thick congestion in and around the city everyday. We recommend you park your car at the Uithof car parks, and continue travelling by bus if you are heading to the city centre.