Tours & Day Trips

CUPUM 2013 selected three different tours/day trips:

Tour 1 Utrecht from 12.30 – 18.00 hrs

€ 50 per person
Inclusive lunch box, drinks and snack
Private tour Museum Speelklok 13:30h - 14:30h
Museum Speelklok has a collection of automatically playing musical instruments from the 15th century to the present day, together with their music programs and documentation. An automatic musical instrument is a musical instrument that comes with a program enabling it to play music without the aid of a human performer. The guide will not only play the instruments live, but also tell you some of the unusual and interesting stories behind the pieces in the collection. The personal and often amusing anecdotes turn each guided tour into a lively event.
Private canal tour with Rederij de Ster 14:45h - 15:45h
This canal tour is performed with an electric powered boat which, if any in Utrecht, the Nieuwegracht can sail. Utrecht has a lot to offer, as are the canals and wharves unique in the world. The Netherlands contributes this piece of history even as Unesco World Heritage List. Drinks and snacks will be served during this tour.

Tour 2 Kröller Müller from 12.30 – 18.00 hrs

€ 90 per person
inclusive admission to the park & museum, lunch & drinks
After the conference morning sessions you will be driving by coach through the Dutch countryside and the National Park De Hooge Veluwe. By way of a guided tour we will visit the fascinating museum Kröller Müller, well known for its magnificent collection of 278 Van Gogh paintings and drawings and works by Mondrian, Van der Leck, Seurat, Picasso and Gris, for a guided tour In the grounds of the museum you will find the largest sculpture park of Europe with works of Rodin, Moore, Visser Paolozzi.

You are free to combine your visit to the Kröller-Müller Museum with a bicycle ride on the white bicycles (free) and enjoy the space and peaceful silence of the national Park De Hooge Veluwe, one of the Netherlands' oldest and largest national parks. It consists of no less than 5,500 hectares of woodland, heathland, lakes and drift sand.

Tour 3 Amsterdam City from 12.30 - 18.00 hrs

€ 90 per person
including lunch & drinks
One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Amsterdam, knew its greatest days of glory during the 17th century. Far from being an open-air museum, it has development since, being one of the most lively and charming cities of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, is a bustling city with app. 750.000 inhabitants. Few cities in the world have a historic center as large and untouched as here and you will find few cities where water is as predominant as it is in Amsterdam. We will see Amsterdam from the water during a canal cruise in an open boat of 2 hours. While gliding through the old center of the city and into its harbor, you see merchants mansions, churches and warehouses dating from the 17th century. In addition, a colleague geographer will highlight some geography and planning related issues in Amsterdam.